UVC based Disinfection and Sanitization
chemical free technology

Affordable, safe and fast

Anywhere, anytime!



A mobile Disinfection Unit based on UVC lamps and technology

Chemical free

Environmentally friendly. No chemicals are used and no residue is left after the process.

Fast and easy to use

Needs just one person to handle and down to 5 minutes per room


UVC for disinfection has many years of proven use in Hospitals and Healthcare units

Certified procedure

Proprietary standard operating procedure (SOP) and international studies supporting UVC for disinfection. Our UVC RAY tech device covers and exceeds the Greek National Safety Protocols, issued by Commercial Chamber of Greece in collaboration with the department of public health of University of West Attica

Application areas and certification

  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Hotels
  • Rented apartments
  • Retail stores and networks
  • Banks
  • Education facilities and schools
  • Health facilities
  • Airports and transportation facilities
  • Transportation means
  • Gyms
  • Cinemas and theatres
  • Shopping Malls

We provide UVCRAY.tech certification for your premises so that your clients are aware

Our Solution

Our solution: UVC RAY TECH

An innovative high-end, high power solution offered both as a product and as a service

Key features

  • UVC peak: 253.7nm for disinfection
  • High output: 4 UVC amalgam lamps 720Watts total
  • Adjustable power output: Optimizing power needs

Additional features and safety

  • Dedicated tablet: For remote operation, control and monitor
  • Dedicated App: All functions, history, disinfection plan and more controlled by app
  • Dedicated remote control 433MHz RF: In addition to the app
  • Dedicated 4 channel smart 2.4ghz WiFi relay, router and smart RF bridge
  • Protocol optimization: Duration / positions and more
  • Safety motion sensors: Cutting power when motion detected
  • Safety door sensor: Cutting power when door opens

Collaboration scenarios

We are open and flexible to discuss a wide range of collaboration scenarios. Operation of the units is easy and can be done by anybody, following a short online or live based training and support.Indicative collaboration scenarios are as follows:

You buy, you operate

You buy a number of units and you operate the units based on training and support by us

You buy, we operate

You buy a number of units and we create together an operational plan (operated by us) according to your needs

We operate

We operate the units according to an operational plan based on your needs

Our roll out plan is as follows

  • June 2020: Pilots and demos
  • Summer 2020: Limited scalability
  • Fall 2020: Full scalability

See it in action



Rented apartments


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mail: info@uvcray.tech

Address: 1a, Pierias str. 14451, Metamorfosi, Athens, Greece

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